Dance Team Program Objectives

To increase and develop character, scholarship, leadership, and individual responsibility; 
to develop and maintain a high standard of technical and creative dance; to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship; to represent CCISD at all functions and events, on and off campus; to promote interest in school activities; and to create and maintain positive relations between our dance teams. 

Course Selection for Dance Team

8951-First Year

Grade 9-12        Fine Arts Credit       Prerequisite:  Audition

Note: Students will also earn 0.5 PE substitution credit upon successful completion of the fall semester of Dance Team 
for the rehearsals and activities after school hours.

Basic Dance Elements in Dance Team Auditions

Chasse, chaine turns, a la seconde turns, grand jete, chaine jete, calypso, turning jete in second, kicks, pas de bourree, pique turns, double pirouette turns, splits

Performance Opportunities

Football Half-times, Pep Rallies, Parades, Basketball Half-times, Dance Team Contests, Spring Show, and various community performances